Sunday, May 29, 2011

Weight Loss Journey.

I haven't been eating much. I lost a total of 7 pounds in just 3 days.
Need to have a ready bikini body. 
Food from Healthalicious.Yellow Shake(banana,mango,pineapple,carrot) & Turkalicious whole wheat wrap (turkey, fresh spinach, avocado, tomatoes, honey mustard) .Split half with my younger sister because I don't eat much anymore. Which my stomach feels much flatter and I feel more energized opposed to getting the itis with unhealthy foods and eat until I'm full.

*Song of the day:


  1. I haven't heard of Pixie Lott but the song is nice - lyrics are great for a "break up" kind of song :(
    I've noticed a few people taking their fitness goals to blogging and I think that's great as I think it would help people be more committed. It's always smart to live a healthy lifestyle. Your lunch sounds yummy!

  2. I never heard of her until my bestie sent the song to me and I love it. Thanks! It was healthy and yummy. That's the best part of it! I will continue my journey. Thanks for always encouraging whatever that it is that I'm doing. You're definitely one of the best girls I know! <3