Sunday, April 10, 2011

The colors of the rainbow. Well not exactly LOL =)

Left to Right - Nail Polish brand is Brucci:  Max's Pumkin, Alexandra's "HOT" Gray, Mango Taffy, Sheri's Pistachio Creme, Essie's Polish in Nice is Nice
Left to Right-  Absolute Andrea, Gianna's "Rockin" Blue, Lou Lou's Peachy Creme, Heavenly Julia, Kathy's Baby Blues

 Seche Vite is one the best thing you can have! Nomore bed imprints when you decide to polish your nails at night! It dries your nails so quick, colors last longer and it adds shine. Absolutely love it!

P.s- Sorry for my dry hands! This is what happens when you wash your hands constantly without a good hand cream! =T   Any really good hand creams you guys suggest I use?