Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Vegas fun!

So I finally went on vacation this year and what better way to have fun then to go to Viva Las Vegas baby! With my luck I was sick the first day we got there! Felt like I had a fever, dry throat and blowing my nose all day the first two days. But that didn't stop me from dancing my behind off at Lavo! lol

It was in the 100's in temperature there. Tried to tan but couldn't resist to jump into the pool for a few minutes! I still became a lobster for not staying in the sun for too long. Stayed there for 5 days 4nights at Venetian hotel. I wish we would've stayed longer because we didn't get to do everything we wanted such as the shows the hotels had and didn't get to tried in n out burger which my bestfriend told me it's so good! Oh wellies, there's always a next time.

There are two rides (Insanity and scream I believe it's called) that are super scary and you are all the way on top of the building and is forced to look down from above. Must go on these rides!

If you're looking for a HOT party. I highly recommend going to XS nightclub at Encore hotel. It's the best nightclub I've been to. Big club indoors and out door pools to dance to. 

Couldn't believe while we was walking back from the strip I  bumped into the youtube musician JRA!And got to take a pic with him!
 If you're not sure who he is heres a link to his youtube:


I turned around and he looked at me and I asked "Hey aren't you from youtube?!?!?" he's like"yea" and we introduced ourselves and he was introducing me to the crew he was hanging with which was the SoReal cru from America's best dance crew. JRA was really cool wish I could've stayed longer to chit chat with him but I didn't want to interrupt his fun with his crew. What a small world ai?! lol 
I definitely want to go back to Vegas someday. Definitely loved it there.=)