Monday, May 23, 2011

Sad But True.

Realize how situations in life where people only want what they can not have and they would do almost anything to have it. Sadly, once people have what they've been longing for. They no longer want it.

Avril Lavigne - Smile
*I love the whole concept of this video and of course the song too.

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  1. Hey Hun! Hope all is well with you...yes it's true that many people in life can be like that. I guess that's why I don't have many friends and chose to stay alone! Too many negative things....but people have a choice on how they want to live their life right? It's really a person's outlook like you said that matters a lot.
    You've lightened your hair a lot in the banner picture! I use to be blonde like that shade before too :) It's always fun to change my hair colour as well and I think everyone that is slightly adventurous should be blonde at least once hehe I'm going to try to go reddish or purple-ish or even a dark dark navy blue :P

  2. hey luv! everythings been same ol same ol how's everything been with you girl? hopefully good. Alot of people tend to stay along and isolate themselves from people because it can be a cruel world out there. Everyone has a choice but the choice isn't always going to be what it seems to be. All you really need is one good friend. you don't need a whole group. I'm glad to have met some great people in my life that I can tell anything to. The rest is just not the same bond. My hair is always light whenever I dye it dark I end up with lighter hair somehow! lol I might dye it darker for the fall tho. you look great in any hair color because you're beautiful Karen. My bestfriend's name is Karen too. Maybe that's why we get along? lol I'm glad to have known you girl you are a sweetheart! I would love to see you with purpleish or dark navy I think that's so exotic! Hope you party or just have some fun for this memorial weekend girl! <3