Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Coastal Scents

10 Blush Palette that came with the angle brush for free. (Was a promotion they had)
Angle eyeliner brush
Black Detail Synthetic brush
Black Stipler Brush that was finally back in stock! It was out of stock forever!
Gel Liner in Turquoise which I plan to buy more.
Camo Quad in Color Corrector and in Medium. 

I <3 Coastal Scents products they're so good and so damn affordable. 

~Have you girls bought anything from Coastal Scents lately? What do you feel about Coastal Scents products? Any pros and cons?


  1. i only have their 88 palatte and i lovee it :)

  2. WOW...lucky......i only have their 88 palattes warm and shimmer one...also a pink kabuki which it SUCKS....elf studio kabuki is even better much better..and i also have an..angle eyeliner brush which i dun really use at all....i wanna get their blushes palatte

  3. Hi Lily :) Great to see another post from you! Thank you for your sweet comments by the way.
    Awesome haul! Yay - now you'll have to do some FOTDs for us ;)
    No I haven't bought anything from Coastal scents before so I can't share with you if anything is good or not :\

  4. I've been contemplating buying from them, but have just been putting it off. I read some reviews that the some dye off the brush comes off. Hopefully, that's not the majority. Do you recommend the blush palette?

    xo, Diana

  5. I never bought anything from Coastal Scents, I know every1 owns the 88 palette... but nope not me lol. Wish I did, but I never take the time or money out to purchase it, I guess I dont care as much anymore...

    but anyways, I was thinking of buying that blush/bronzer palette. 1-5 stars how good is it? oh & that brush... is it good? firm? hairs fall out? let me know mama so I know whether to get it =]

  6. I've never bought anything from there but a lot of people I know buy their eyeshadow palette cuz it's decent price... what do you think of the blush palette?