Friday, March 26, 2010

MAC Haul (Give Me Liberty of London)

I'm loving this collection and how pretty the packaging is. 
Got 3 lipsticks, 3 lipglasses, 1 beauty powder.

Here are some swatches for you guys. =)
 Beauty Powder in Summer Rose. Perfect for the beautiful weather.
Lipstick from left to right:

Ever Hip (Cremesheen) - Pretty coral color for spring.
Blooming Lovely (Amplified) - Like Lilac color reminds me of Saint Germain. This lipstick seems to be the most popular pick.
Peachstock (Satin) - More of a Nude neutral color. This was definitely my favorite out of the 3 lipsticks.

Left to right:
Perennial High Style
English Accents
Frankly Fresh

Lipstick + Lipglass 

Ever Hip  + Perennial High Style 

Blooming Lovely + English Accents 

Peachstock + Frankly Fresh (My favorite for all 4 seasons) =)

All Lipglasses look beautiful worn alone too.  

Ever Hip & Blooming lovely has a creamy texture and can be worn alone.
Since Peachstock is a Satin finish I suggest to use a lipbalm before applying the lipstick if you don't want the glossy effect of Lipglass.

Did you girls pick up anything from this collection? What did you girls get? Do you recommend anything from this collection that I should definitely get?


  1. hey whats the different between beauty powder and the blushes?? I love this collection too hahaaha love the packaging...

    i loveee wearing english accent & blooming lovely together..i don't ever ever buy lipgloss but i had to get the english accent hahaha

  2. I am the only girl that did not buy anything from this collection... why? its sooo fucking girly ewwww lol nah but my fav is the peachstock, it looks really nice on you! but the packaging drives me insane... ugh havn't bought a MAC product since the Viva Glam Gaga lippie came out! im one broke bitchhh

    p.s. you need to make more posts!!! i feel like your never updating!

    hope everything is well <3333

  3. i mean frankly fresh with peachstockkkk excuse me dahlinggg lol

  4. The few beauty powders I own are like regular face powders for me. They aren't pigmented esp like your Summer Rose swatch which looks like a blush! Very pretty.
    Ooo and I like English Accents lipglass. Such a pretty pigmented pink colour. I love your haul and swatches :)
    Yah girl, I'm siding with Christine from For the Fierce: you should post more! I love your posts and tutorials :)