Monday, June 13, 2011

Feather Earring Obsession

There's a feather earring trend right now. You can wear the pair for an exotic look or 1 earring for an edgier look.

 I love Nautical items too.
 I ADORE this vibrant color. It just POPS!

 Aldo doesn't only have cute shoes. They also have varieties of beautiful accessories. I <3 Aldo.
 *When I purchased the feather earrings the cashier gave me a great tip. Which was to hair spray the feather on a towel and let it dry before wearing them. Because the feather will end up scattering apart. That was great advice because I have purchased some from Forever21 before and its all out of place now.
What's your obsession at the moment?


  1. Uh, I wish I had one, I'm not obsessed enough these days.

    / Avy

  2. those aldo earrings are really nice, I like the blue ones, and the anchor ring is so cute

  3. OMG! Great tip!!!

    The only reason why I never buy feather earrings is because of the fact that they separate >__< I love the look of them, but I hate to spend money on something that won't look the same after one or two uses. So simple and easy, but yet I couldn't think of that myself. lol Thanks for sharing that with us!! :D


  4. I love your feather earrings and anchor ring! OMG I think I'm going to pick up the same ones from Aldo on my next mall trip :) I'm totally into the whole feather/Pochahontis look right now and I saw some really nice flat sandals at Aldo with feathers hanging off of them - they would look so neat too with a simple jean/tank outfit or simple summer dress. And thanks for sharing the tip on spraying the feathers down with a bit of hairspray ;) Will definitely remember that. Hope all is well with you Hun

  5. @AVY I'm sure you will find something to be obsessed with sooner or later =)
    @Pop Champagne Thanks love. Yea I like the turquoise earring more even though I love them both
    @Dana Yoshimizu No problem girl. I'm glad it was helpful. I thank the cashier for sharing that tip with me too. I'm glad they no longer get ruined now yay! hehe <3
    @Karen Lew Let me know what you end up picking up. I always love what you get girl because you got taste! Really I want to see which sandals you're talking about I can imagine you wear them and you always looking fly ;) and no problem I'm glad I got the tip from the cashier myself. Big difference with the earrings. Hope all is well with you too love