Sunday, March 13, 2011

At Last.

It's been so long I wanted a tattoo and never end up getting one because I could never find one that was worthy of getting. My first tattoo is simple and it's a good start (Yes that means I plan on getting more =X) lol Maybe just one or two more.
At first I had my eyes closed but couldn't resist and looked to see how deep the needle goes. I was like WOW! LOL. The pain wasn't so bad. There was pain here and there but it's okay now. I'm sure if I get a more detailed and a bigger design I'll probably feel pain! But no pain no game right?

I'm the Star that shines in your life. <3

Do you guys have any tattoos? I would love to see them =)


  1. nice tattoo! I was thinking of getting a star on my neck behind my ears a while ago

  2. @ Pop Champagne
    ohh love tattoos behind the ear. so sexy! =)

  3. Hey Hun!! So nice to see an update on your blog! And thank you so much for saying hi too :)
    I LOVE your new tattoo. I think the wrist is a sexy place to get one. But dang it must have hurt. Ugh. I'm so adverse to pain and I cannot tolerate pain at all!!!
    Tattoos can definitely get addictive like piercings. After my first piercing (tongue), I wanted like three others right away LOL. But I only have two body tattoos.

  4. @ Karen
    I miss you girl! yea I haven't been updating on this for a while sorry about that. going to try to keep updating! really but you can tolerate piercings? you would be find with a small tattoo. it didnt hurt that much because its small. I wanted a tongue pierce too but never happened =T yea im sure it's addictive piercings and tattoos. I want a bigger one already! =) hope everything been good with you girl! <3