Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Birthday Fun! & Happy mommy's day!

I had a fun birthday people came out for me. The music was definitely poppin'! We danced the night away!
Me and my bf went to Red Lobster for my birthday (I don't always need to go somewhere fancy Red Lobster is one of my fav. restaurants) I love Red Lobster's Salmon always moist and juicy! not Blane and dry like other restaurants.  Watched Iron Man 2 in IMAX and it was a good movie go watch it! =)

Celebrated Mommy's Day by having a BBQ. 
I am thankful for having my friends and family. Without them I wouldn't be complete. 
I love you guys!

What do you usually do when celebrating your birthday? Any good ideas I should plan for next year? 


  1. Awww Happy Belated Birthday Hun! Best wishes to you :) You look gorgeous in your clubbing pictures and you all look like you had a blast. I love that royal blue coloured top on you.
    Mmmm your birthday cake and your Mom's cake looks so good!
    Woah your entree at Red Lobster looks huge LOL. I don't remember the entrees being that big there.
    My birthdays are usually pretty simple - I usually spend time with family and keep it low key. If I go clubbing I try not to say anything although usually my gf announces it to everyone and it seems like everyone passes you a shot....then it's all about pacing yourself so you don't get sick :\
    But you did well for your birthday spending time clubbing and then with family :)

  2. aww happy belated birthday! I love red lobster when they have that endless shrimp promotion going on. I eat soo much shrimps haha. for my birthdays i usually don't let anyone know and just do a simple dinner with bf LOL