Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tagged by Karen!

Tagged by Karen! Thanks for tagging me girl!  <3

Here are the rules:

1. Post a picture from your childhood (less than 13 yrs old).
2. Write about the picture.
3. Tag your friends and readers.


About the photo:
Why am I wrapped around like a Chipotle burrito??! *my annoyed irritated face* and why is this girl is holding me sooo damn tight!

That's me born on May/8/1985 and my Older sister Teresa which she was only 4 yrs older than me and grew soo tall soo fast! 
My older sister always said that she saw me on the streets, thought I was cute and said to mom "mommy mommy can we keep her??!" lol Only because she thinks I look mexican/non asian like they picked up the wrong baby from the hospital. lmao Oh I love her!

Shes looks like this now. 

Check out her Youtube channel Rubenbeaut

I would love to TAG!




  1. Thanks for tagging. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG MY MOM always say the samething..i have two little mom always tell us that She picked me up on the street, the other one borrow it from someone else and my lil one she bought it LOL

  2. aww! haha even thought your sister says you look non asian, i still see the resemblance between you two! haha thanks for the tag! i shall do it soon, when i find a pic hehe

  3. Thanx hun, I'll try to get to it next post! The pics on the last post look sooo fun, i fucking love sushi <33333 oh & add me on formspring love!

  4. Hello! Thanks for tagging me, and Karen did too, but sadly I don't have any pictures of my childhood in my computer -_- That would have been fun to do, though!

    Thanks for your sweet comment ^^

  5. Awww I love your baby picture! You're so adorable bundled up :) And yah, your sister was quite tall at the time! You and your sister are so beautiful now :)

  6. hahahhahahahaa i know right..i thought my mom's the only that actually say that but i guess not anymore =P heheeee anyways hope you'll have a beautiful sunday. stay gorgeous! take care

    Love, Cydia

  7. Really you like the profusion? I am not sure if i really like it...I find that it looks a bit pinkish redish but also with some orange undertone to it...urggggg i wanna find a great red lipstick LOL...altho I know i won't be really wearing it hahahahaa
    I went to long island Tanger for cco =] hahaaha you should go to cco discount is love hahahahaa

  8. That's a really cute baby pic! My mom tells me all the time that I'm actually adopted or she picked up the wrong baby because I'm so pale compared to my other family members lol.