Sunday, December 6, 2009

Anna's Birthday, Nail Polish Haul, Thanksgiving.

As my bestfriend Karen calls me. Miss Asian Lady gaga. =)

The Standard Hotel Lobby

Anna aka JoyfullJoli's Bday

Bestfriend since 2nd grade Karen <3 her! -btw she helped cook thanksgiving dinner and almost burned down my place. TWICE! LMAO

China Glaze, 1 Opi, and 3 Artclub

Yummy Cheesecake from little sister and banana loaf from mom's friend

Thanksgiving dinner. Lots of work from me and some friends but all worth it.

Is it just me? I always forget that the first photo I upload on the post is always the last photo on the post. I need to remember that. lol


  1. yay for food and nailpolish! haha pretty colors!!

  2. Yikes, yah that's why when I cook with my friends we always cook at THEIR place LOL...never mine because I don't want my condo burning LOL. friends are excellent cooks and your Thanksgiving food looks yummy. And what a collection of China Glaze polishes! You look so pretty that night with your friends ;)

  3. wow the thanksgiving dinner looks great and a lot!! yum... :P


  4. wow so much nail polish! And the food looks yummm. hehe with that shiny headband you do remind me of an asian lady gaga! :D

  5. cheesecake!! *dies* Wish I had some now...
    Do a review on some of the nail polishes so I know whether their good or not!

    & I loooooove Lady Gaga!!

  6. so jealous of all the pretty nail polishes! i always end buy the same pink polish because i keep loosing it!

  7. you look great. jealous of the nail polishes.. i don't know where can I get china glaze mMmmmm =[

  8. Have a lovely Holidays girl and a Fantastic New Year!!! All the best in 2010 xxo Looking forward to more posts on your blog too!

  9. wow girl!!! that is an awesome nail polish haul! lucky you :)

  10. I seriously started drooling when I saw the pictures of all that food! I also drooled when I saw your nail polish haul! Wow!