Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Precious~

~Won a unbelievable bid on EBAY for these 60 pairs of Eyelashes! includes glue too! AMAZING!

I've been wanting them for a while and finally gave up and got them =)

Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick in 1 Nude Beige & Lancome's Juicy Tubes in Rose Fishnets

Here's a Swatch of Lancome's Rose Fishnets on the left and Yves Saint Laurent 1 Nude Beige lipstick on the right.

Yves Saint Laurent's lipstick is really pigmented and I love that.
Lancome's Juicy tubes in Rose Fishnets Is really glossy and have some shimmer in it the color is great for fall well actually great for all season long! ;)


  1. Great post ;) I love fake lashes and can't wait to see your pics or video tutorials using them! Let me know what you think of the lashes in terms of quality - I might have to get some too if they're good! Oh and I love your YSL lipstick -it's such a pretty colour =) and the shimmery goldish tone in the Lancome gloss is pretty too!

  2. holy crap!! sooo many lashes, im so jealous!!

  3. lucky lucky.. how much was your lashes? I brought mine last year at hong kong.. i brought like 3 box of them..i love them but it's alright.. i find it its kinda.. hard and plastic =[ i stop using them and now im using red-cherry which i LOVE...but i love yours... mine look really plastic..jealousssss... =P

  4. Cydia I made a bid on ebay and with shipping it only costed me $12.94! for 60 pairs. it was unbelievable! I havent used them yet i'll let you know how it feels when i put it on tomorrow night when i club with the girls. =)

    btw I tried to leave a comment on your blog but it's in chinese and when i click on the buttons it doesn't allow me to post a comment? im confused =?

  5. I like the color of the lipglosses!!!